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    Why Should You Work With Us 

    TVA is a well-established UK based business, consisting of a highly experienced team. Our business outsourcing solutions reduce overhead costs and save you thousands of dollars. We provide an exceptionally high level of virtual assistant services that will suppliant and or fully support your in-house team of professionals, whenever you need us. Our business outsourcing solutions are all about providing cost-effective outsourcing services, tailored to your specific needs. 


    Latest Technology & Top Tools

    We provide our staff with latest workstations and top technology with the most commonly used software, including the latest Windows and MS office suite.

    Resources Based on Needs

    We understand that your situation can change unexpectedly, so our workforce solutions can easily and quickly scale up or down.

    Hardware & Infrastructure

    Our work-spaces are built to stringent specifications including environmental systems, redundant power and connectivity, biometric and swipe card access, CCTV and manned security stations.

    Ease of Communication

    We have developed a suite of custom applications designed to help manage, monitor and communicate with your VAs. These tools keep you connected with your VAs at all times.

    Data Security

    TVA is committed to safeguarding our client’s data and valuable intellectual property and so data security is always our top priority. We provide EU GDPR compliant service, hence your data will be in safe hands.

    Code of Conduct

    Our strict Code of Ethics and Behaviour delivers working conditions that meet Western standards, comply with all local labour and tax laws and provide a safe and healthy work environment for staff.

    Highly Skilled Team

    We find the best people for the job. By working directly with educational facilities and aggressively recruiting top talent, we have a large pool of pre-screened candidates that are perfect for your company.

    Regular Training

    At TVA we encourage the personal and professional growth of staff and provides free career guidance and training opportunities to help them reach their goals.

    We are committed to providing world-class outsourcing services and the highest level of customer satisfaction while adhering to a strict code of ethics and behavior that protects our staff and provides support for the community as a whole. 

    Save Up To 60% in Any Sector

    Administrative Assistance

    Outsourcing administrative tasks to your virtual assistant make sense for that are time and energy-consuming 


    Data Entry

    Your VA will take care of data input that stops you from focusing on the things that are really important to grow your business

    Data Management

    Focus on the crucial strategic vision and goals of your organisation and allow your expert VA to manage and prepare data for important events

    Internet Research

    Your VA can use their web research experience to quickly and effectively find the most relevant data you need

    Lead Generation

    Hiring a VA means ensuring you get a continuous stream of qualified leads for you to reach out to whilst you can concentrate on closing deals

    SEO & SEM

    Using your VA for SEO and SEM is a safe and cost-effective solution to develop and implement a focused digital marketing strategy

    Bookkeeping & Accounting

    Let your trusted and skilled VA to manage and update your books and accounts and relieve yourself from this important by time-consuming task

    HR & Recruitment

    Our VAs are fully trained in all in all aspects of the recruitment process and are ready to step in at short notice to take on the tasks that you just don’t have time for

    Email Management

    Handling customer queries is a time-consuming exercise. Let your VA manage the email and communication on your behalf


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